The Best Treatment For Your Back Pain In Rockville MD

Back pain is something that affects millions of Americans every day, and it’s often difficult to treat and seemingly impossible to cure. Active people can experience pain due to increased stress on their back due to weights or running, and inactive people can be afflicted with pain due to poor posture, lack of core strength, and spending too much time sitting down. No matter what the cause of your back pain is, it’s important to know that it is possible to cure it and prevent it in the future with proper treatment and a few minor lifestyle changes.

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According to one chiropractor we spoke to in the Rockville MD area, the first step to curing or prevent back pain, especially in the lower back, is to begin sitting and standing with proper posture. Keeping your shoulders pulled back, chest out slightly, and a slight arch on your back will keep your body aligned as nature intended and will decrease your pain almost immediately. Not only that, but you’ll look and feel more confident as well. However, posture is a habit, and it can be hard to break bad habits. Make sure you take every opportunity to sit and stand with perfect posture, and build a support system of other people you trust to help you remember. Set reminders on your phone, leave yourself notes, and do whatever it takes to form a new, healthy habit that will have you feeling confident and pain- free.
Your pain could also be caused by spinal compressions due to heavy lifting or hyperactivity, which is slightly harder to get eliminate. If this sounds like you, then it’s crucial that you take at least a week or two off of heavy or strenuous activity to give your spine time to elongate back to its normal, uncompressed alignment. The process can be sped up by laying down at a slight decline, hanging suspended from a bar, using a device like an inversion table, and practicing yoga or another form of stretching. Core exercises should also be performed to strengthen weak muscles and prevent excessive compression when you do return to normal activities.
If neither of these approaches solves your problem or you have chronic to severe back pain, a visit to a doctor or chiropractor may be necessary. They will have the tools to diagnose accurately and treat you and give you specific advice to prevent future pain. This approach is the most expensive and time consuming, but if nothing else works this will solve your problems. Be aware that surgery can be required in some cases, mainly for patients who are overweight and have had excessively poor posture for years.
Now that you know the steps to treat and cure back pain, you can finally get on the right track and get back to doing the things you love without being held back. Remember, posture, rest, and stretching can fix most of your problems, but a doctor can be necessary if all else fails. Enjoy your pain-free life!